We determine a realistic market value on the basis of several factors.

boat check valuation price

E/M/S determines a realistic market value for your boat / yacht. We do not rely solely on the individual opinion of a single expert, but rather reflect the result of our E/M/S algorithm. A solid database with records of hundreds of boat types and yacht models of different boat manufacturers and yacht yards is just as important for the valuation as special degression curves of the requested boat / yacht. The Eurotax Schwacke lists Marine also support us in our market value evaluation.

The last decisive tendency of our proven market value is finally provided by the expert who has looked at the boat / yacht in detail on site. Only he can truthfully express the characterizing appearance and the present state of care of the boat / yacht. The E/M/S value indication is the estimated amount at which the boat/yacht in question could be sold in the current market environment on the valuation date between a willing seller and a willing buyer who is not connected to him through personal relationships after an appropriate inspection and marketing period, provided that the boat/yacht in question was openly offered on the market, in a transaction in the ordinary, private course of business.

The price is already included in the package for the 1st Boat Check.